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   Our perception of life, ourselves and others can influence how we see and live in the world. As each day presents us with one challenge after another, we are faced by difficult questions, troublesome issues and strong feelings.

  Sometimes these challenges are perplexing, difficult, painful, even seems impossible to resolve. Although we search for  solutions, understanding, and direction, sometimes answers are hard to find. Consequently,  you might feel sad, lonely, anxious, hurt, angry, unloved, depressed, or helpless. However you feel, sooner or later you must decide to address this and avoid putting things off. It's time to become a whole new person - you you ready?

   Although your challenges may seem irresolvable, I believe that for every problem, a solution is attainable, discoverable, yes an answer is attainable.

   Becoming a whole new person, solving a problem, feeling better or making a decision is within your grasp.

   Once you realize that you are the "architect" of your life and do have the ability to make big changes, then you have begun to address that which troubles you. That is, you have taken the first step toward bringing about real change. Although it may seem easy to say this and sometimes difficult, I believe that through understanding, persistence, and dedication will lead you to a realization that can bring you closer to what you really want in life. More than fixing a problem, you can become a whole new person - are you ready? 

   Moving along this path of change, you will begin to realize that you actually have within you this ability. You will begin to feel better, happier, stronger, and certainly more confident, as you will discover what you really can be. This whole new person has the qualities that are within you and also without you. That is, someone who can achieve a sense of readiness to confront the challenges of life and free yourself from that which is blocking, stopping or discouraging you.

   As your psychotherapist, all my efforts are directed toward guiding you through this wonderful journey of self discovery. I am present, supportive, empathetic, compassionate, mindful, caring, understanding....  as we strive toward realizing your strengths, who you are and what you really can become. Our task is minimize discouragement and create a sense of growth, empowerment, mindfulness..... as you make "big steps" toward building a whole new reality. 

   Together, you and I will discover a sense of realization that life can be different and you can actually become more of the person you would like it to be. Let's confront these challenge(s) together and build a whole new world where you can become the person you can actually be.

   Over the years, I have come to understand that each of us builds / creates the world we live in. Clearly this has been a long and complex journey. From our early life experiences as a child, family influences, situations, to the people we have encountered. Regardless, it is important to realize that nothing is written in stone or frozen in time - making changes, evolving, growing, maturing is what we do as human beings - the question beocmes, why are we afraid of making a change in our life?

   The art of psychotherapy in whatever form, is as an opportunity to discover who we are and what we can actually become. It is a journey that begins by making that dedication to yourself and continues even after therapy. That is, therapy is a opportunity to realize that which is deeper within us and serves to help one gradually transform toward what we can be.

   As such, psychotherapy natural and healthy human activity. Whether you begin with specific issues, problems, or inner feeling of dissatisfaction, the direction is toward becoming an optimal person. That is someone who will discover their strengths, desires, needs, abilities, skills, likes, dislikes..... You become mindful of who you are and what you can actually become.

Howard Gontovnick, Ph.D.
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